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Wilstead's Young Leaders

Wilstead Head Boy and Girl
Wilstead Primary School has Head Boys and Girls, who undertake important work to support the school and its community. They help us to promote Wilstead to visitors and new children, make suggestions to improve the school or develop new projects, and act as role models for our younger children. We are very proud of them. Here you will find biographies of the Head Boy and Girl, and their Deputies too. 


I am very proud to have been chosen as Head Boy and represent our amazing school. I have always been responsible and have learnt from all the pupils and staff the importance of being a good student. I always try to be helpful wherever I can and that is a key feature of Wilstead Primary School. I will always speak up for what I believe and want to show everyone what a great school we have. At Wilstead, we always work well together and help each other become the best we can be. I would like to thank all the children and teachers who have helped me achieve my goals and hope to inspire other children.


Why I love Wilstead Primary School.

Wilstead Primary School is the best school in the entire world. Firstly, we have brilliant teachers who always help and support us with our learning and make our lessons fun. Also, the children at Wilstead are all enthusiastic, hard-working, polite and kind which makes it the best place to learn. Finally, the school dinners are delicious and are as good as the meals created by the best chefs in the world.


Hi everybody, I am Beth and I am Head Girl at Wilstead Primary School. I am
ten years old and I’m in Year 6. I’ve been at Wilstead for 7 years now. Are you
looking for a splendid school? Well you’ve come to the right website! At
Wilstead Primary there are around 195 pupils and around 25 students in each
class and there are 7 classes. At Wilstead we try to encourage everyone to
have a happy healthy lifestyle and to be resilient and determined if you want
to achieve anything or reach any goals and to put in 100% at all times. At
Wilstead we encourage you to dream big because anything’s possible when
you put your mind to it!


“She believed she could, so she did”- R.S Grey. R.S.
Grey is an inspirational author, she showed me anything is possible when you
believe and the you can achieve if you keep working and working this is called
being resilient and determined, something that Wilstead has taught me to do
over the years I’ve been here, we would all love your child to come join us at
Wilstead Primary School! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope
your staying safe in these difficult times.

Wilstead Deputy Head Boy and Girl
Wilstead Student Council
The Student Council at Wilstead is a team of Year Six pupils led by Ryan and Ruby. They meet regularly to discuss school events and activities, and ways to improve the school environment. They welcome ideas from the rest of the school community!