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Characteristics of Effective Learning

We understand that all children engage with other people and their environment through the characteristics of effective learning that are described in the Early Years Foundation Stage as:


  • playing and exploring – engagement;
  • active learning – motivation; and
  • creating and thinking critically – thinking.


We aim to provide for the characteristics of effective learning by observing how a child is learning and being clear about what we can do and provide in order to support each child to remain an effective and motivated learner.


Adults within the environment are there to enhance the children’s learning, asking questions and provoking curiosity to encourage the children to explore their learning more, and so deepening and embedding their knowledge. Staff work to build good relationships with the children, knowing their personalities, next steps and interests.


Once the children have settled into school, they are allocated a Key Person from the staff. Although we all work with all of the children, this person takes a special interest in the child in order to ensure that they get the best possible provision during their time in the EYFS.