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To view the full National Curriculum framework for Key Stages 1 to 4 including programmes of study and attainment targets, please click here 


To access a more user friendly overview of the National Curriculum for EYFS, please click here and for Years 1 - 6, please click here


We follow a curriculum which develops the learning of our children in an engaging way, coupled with high expectations. It includes all of the core and foundation subject areas as well as visits, visitors to school, special projects and more.   


These documents give an overview of the progression from year to year in the subjects of English and Mathematics.  We hope that they will help to outline the objectives and domains of learning that the children will experience as they move through the school:

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum at Wilstead Primary School, please contact or talk to your class teacher.



In September 2020, Wilstead became a ReadWriteInc. School.  This is our whole school approach to teaching phonics, reading and spelling.


Here is a guide which will help parents and carers to understand what ReadWriteInc is and how to use it:

The link below takes you to the Parents Section of the ReadWriteInc website, where you can find many resources to support your child's learning alongside the teaching they have in school:

Reading Beyond ReadWriteInc.


Children at Wilstead continue to work within the ReadWrite Inc programme until they have secured all of their sounds and can use them to read and spell fluently and accurately. This varies for every child. Once we are absolutely sure that they are ready, children will progress to the Accelerated Reading scheme, where books are selected according to their achievement levels and they are supported to develop comprehension skills. The majority of children will move onto Accelerated Reading by the end of Year 3.


You can do much to support your child's reading progression! We teach reading skills at school for every age, providing challenge and developing specific skills such as inferring from a character's behaviour or recognising the author's intent. At home, we ask that you focus on practising reading skills and more importantly on enjoying reading. Your class teacher will be able to provide lots more information about this.

Class Curriculum Overviews


What does your child do at school each day?  Find an overview for your class below:

If you require more information about your child's class curriculum, please speak to the class teacher.

Wellbeing at Wilstead


Raising children with positive mental health is a full time job for both school and home, and we hope that understanding how we teach it at Wilstead will help to support you in your conversations at home.  The slides below will give you an outline of how wellbeing and mental health is taught in our classrooms.


If you would like support, ideas or further information, please speak to or send an email to your class teacher.

Relationships and Health Education


From 2020, all primary schools in England must teach Relationships and Health Education (RSHE). The Department of Education has set out guidance about what they expect children to know by the time they leave primary education but it is up to schools to decide how they will teach this.


Primary schools do not have to teach sex education beyond the biological and reproductive aspects of the Science curriculum. However, the Department for Education ‘continues to recommend that all primary schools should have a sex education programme tailored to the age and the physical and emotional maturity of the pupils’.  At Wilstead, we follow this guidance.


We would like to reassure you that we have taught this subject for many years in primary education, and it is very carefully managed to ensure that it is age and stage appropriate. As parents, you teach your child important lessons about healthy relationships, how to look after themselves and how to stay safe. The new curriculum respects and values what you teach your child.


Like other schools, Wilstead has been teaching these topics for a number of years. As with other subjects, we work hard to make sure the lessons meet the needs of the children and are age appropriate. These topics are really important in helping children deal with current experiences and also to prepare them for the next stage of their education and ultimately for adult life.


In June 2021 we consulted with our parents to introduce the statutory changes and our chosen RHSE curriculum, which is called Kapow. This curriculum will be fully embedded in  Key Stage One and Two from September 2021. You can find curriculum overviews and other relevant documents in the section below. 

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