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How does the PTA support the school?

What does the PTA do?


Fundraising is the main thing the PTA does, which directly adds value to the improvement of the school. Historically the PTA has funded big extra curricular facilities that Government funding does not allow, for example the treehouse and trim trail.


Tree house


Trim trail




But there's a lot more to it than that.


  • Events such as School discos, Summer Fetes and Trails bring people together within the local area, creating a great sense of community spirit.
  • Pre-Loved Uniform stalls are held in the playground before and after school on a semi regular basis, contributing to sustainable practises around school uniform.
  • School resources such as painting supplies, books and ice lollies in summer are just a few of the more subtle ways that fundraising is able to make school life more enjoyable for the children.


The PTA has continued to add value to school life through fun 'dress down' or 'break-the rules' days for the children - all with the continued support of parents, teachers, and the wonderful school community.