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New Starters - Reception 2023

This section of our website is for the children and families who will be joining us in September 2023. Here you will find information about practical issues such as uniform and lunches, and also about how we can welcome and support your children as they start their school journey!


We are happy and excited that you are joining us - see you all very soon!


Miss Brown

Pictures of your new school, classroom and teachers.

Books to share to support your child starting school

Tasks to work on at home! Encouraging independence...

If you want to give your child the absolute best start in Reception, then the document above shows some key independence tasks that will really help your child to feel confident.  This will enable your child to make the most of every learning opportunity presented to them.  Do not worry if your child cannot do every single task prior to starting school, but the more they can, the more independent learners they will become.    

Celebrating success & getting to know you!

If your child manages to accomplish any of the tasks on our 'tasks to try at home' (encouraging independence list), why not send us a photo and we will display it on this page.  That way we can get to know your child and so can their class mates! 


Photographs can be shared via our email address.


Guidance for keeping children under 5 safe at home.