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Please complete this form if your child suffers any food allergies that the Caterlink kitchen staff should be aware of. Once completed, please hand to the school office.

End of term questions & REFUND LINKS


  • Parents should be encouraged to only load onto their child’s accounts the amount needed for meals till the end of term.
  • Any balances on accounts will be rolled over to the new term and will not be lost.
  • If a child is in year 6, any balance left on the account can be refunded or passed to a sibling in the same school. The parent will need to complete the following form: CaterLink Ltd parent refund form, or if they do not have a google account then they can use this: CaterLink Ltd parent refund form - No Upload. At the end of term, we will process any transfers or credits, due to the high level of requests since parent have higher balances as a result of the unexpected school break due to COVID-19 this will happen over August 2020 with an aim to process all refunds within 28 days.
  • Any pupil leaving in other years will need to follow the same process as in point 3.
  • Pupils in Nursery who have balances on their account but will be entitled to UIFSM from September will need to follow the same process as point 3, or the balance can stay on their accounts and be used once they enter Year 3