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In response to parental feedback, we have stepped back from issuing long newsletters, but we still need to have a platform to say 'Thanks' to the many people that support and help us, as without you all, we couldn't offer our students such a wonderful place to learn.

Spring Term Thanks


Katherine Picton - For donating music equipment to the school.


Mr and Mrs Dinghile for their generous donation of food tech items, we are fully kitted out and a whole class can take part at the same time with the multiple items give.


Susan Morris - for the food mixer donation, I know the cooking club is grateful for this piece of kit.


Asan Tu, for help with PTA events, organising and attending, you work very hard for the school and we appreciate it.

Wilstead Parish Council for their monetary grant to help with playground markings. 


Marston Vale Forest Trust, a large grant to support the continued expansion f our forest school.


Parents for their kind donations of books for our library. The children are grateful to be able to have a good selection to choose from and it will help to encourage a love of reading. 


Liz and Dot of the local WI coming to run a knitting club at lunch times. They kids love it!


Food Etc, for their volunteer run cooking session supporting families and their children in school. 

Autumn Gratitude


Bolton Turf and Landscapes: Thank you for your donation of the fake grass to our reception class. This addition has made the outside area for our early years students a lovely safe place to learn and play. 


RWB Builders: We are grateful for the fabulous work RWB put into our new food tech room. Making adjustments and offering great suggestions on the best options for our room will make the space suitable for many generations to come. Attention to detail has been first class and we recommend this local company. 


Asan Tu: We want to loudly say a big thanks to Asan for taking photos at our events and allowing us to use the images for free. We are soon to update our website pictures and couldn't do this without the talent and support so regularly shown by Asan. 


Mr and Mrs Mason: Thank you for your generous donation of a keyboard to the school. Your gift will allow students to take part in piano lessons using a great bit of kit that we could only dream of being able to afford. Our piano teacher, Mr Blackwell immediately put it into use and is awed by your kindness. 


Vanquish Fire: A local company, Vanquish Fire, helped us when we suddenly experienced some problems with our fire alarm. Being close by they helped us quickly and solved the problem. We are grateful for your speedy and professional response.


James Freeman at MJ Security: After a problem with a faulty sensor, we put a plea out to families to see if anyone could help us, we had a quick reply from a parent who talked us through some steps to take and solved the issue. We thank you for taking the time to support us and being knowledgeable enough to 'fix it' over the phone.


Mrs Jenny Knight: Thank you for running the popular Recorder Club on a Monday lunchtime and for the resources you donated to Reception Class, we are grateful for your musical talents and your support.


Julie Ripper and Lesley Owens: Thank you for taking the time to come and read with our students. Volunteering your time really makes a difference in their learning, you are a valuable asset and we are grateful for your support.


Helen Butler: Volunteering at our school whether that be reading with students or supporting in the forest school sessions, makes a big difference to the the activities we are able to provide. Thank you for being a volunteer with us.


Claire Taylor: We welcome Claire to school on most days as she supports with reading with students, she has revamped the school library and brought order to the chaos and in numerous ways she supports as a governor for the school. We are grateful for your enthusiasm and drive.


Theatre Trip Volunteers: What can we say?! A sincere and heartfelt thanks for making this trip possible.

Our gratitude goes out to - Carly Dinner, Naomi Cafferkey, Gemma West, Nicola Braund, Lesley Owens, Charlene Conroy, Jackie Browning, Jen Billington, Helen Butler, Donna Reid, Rachel Baddeley, Trudi Jani, Deborah Jamel, Claire Taylor, Louise Canfield, Becky Wells and Vanessa Scutt. 


Raffle Donations: To everyone that supports the school in raising money in this popular event, we are grateful for your donations, keep them coming!


Parents!: As always your support, consensus and optimism for our lovely school is what drives us forward, thank you for being there for us.


We hope we haven't missed anyone, but if we have, please let us know.