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Year 6 Class Page (Fireflies)

Hi Fireflies,


Thank you for all the great work and photos, I think I have heard from almost everyone this week. It has been really good to see everyone working hard and trying new things (the cooking you have been doing has been unbelievably delicious). We might need to have more cooking lessons when we get back to school. 


If you have been watching the news, then you might have heard that we  (the year 6's) could be returning to school as early as 1st June. However this is not official yet, but it seems inevitable that we will return sometime in June. With this in mine, I would like to hear how you are feeling about it - both positive and negative feelings. Your literacy writing task is a Balanced Argument, so you could use this to express your feelings. Anything you mention could help me when planning what activities to do when we're back. 


Please stay safe and know that I am proud of how you have worked during this time.


Mr Kerin


Remember to scroll down the whiterose maths to week 3 (simplifying fractions), and that you don't need to print off any of the pdf's or word documents (you can if you wish). 

Fireflies gallery

Hi Fireflies, 


You may be having problems with the Whiterose maths task today, I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. The website has decided to stop allowing non subscribers to open their worksheets from today. However, I have the next 2 weeks of activity worksheets downloaded so will post them on this page from now on (you will find the whole of this weeks below). Remember we should be working through the week 2 - wc 27th April - work on the website as we are a couple of weeks behind them. You might need to scroll down the page to find it.  


I have also attached some more of the children's work and photos. The food that has been sent to me looks delicious, I'm already craving pizza and Chinese. 


Thanks for your understanding


Mr Kerin

Fireflies work gallery

Hi Fireflies,


Thanks for everyone that has sent in work this week. Make sure you keep in contact at least once a week. I have put up more examples of work, so look out for yours. Let me know how your cooking went this week, have we got any budding Jamie Olivers or Nigellas? 


I hope everyone is coping well at home, if you have any fun interesting activities you want to share with the rest of the class, then send it to me and I'll post it on this page. 


If you have any questions, not just work, then please get in contact and I will try to find a solution. 


Take care 


Mr Kerin

Fireflies home learning gallery

Home Learning Gallery

Harley's Clap for our heroes poem

Year 6 take on the former World Champion Bob Anderson, 'The Limestone Cowboy'!

Some of our class spent time working with Year 2 this week!

We were able to watch our lovely leopard gecko, Mr Darcy, shed his skin!

Year 6 have been exploring WW2 artefacts from the school museum, as part of this terms History topic.