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Year 4 (Tigers)

Our Curriculum Overview

VIKING DAY - The children have had a great day making Viking bread, practising their battle moves, creating secret messages in Norse Runes and drawing the Norse God Thor. Go Viking!

How's That? The Tigers have been excelling in their cricket lessons (although we haven't picked up a bat yet!). Bowling and fielding skills have been fantastic.

What's the time Mr Wolf? Mr Kerin's Maths group hunting for clues to solve the time word problems

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee - assembly with a retired Beefeater

Ring, Ring! Ring, Ring! Tigers have learnt all about how sound travels through the air, and that sound gets weaker the further away from the source. Their string telephones were a great way of showing how vibrations travel.

Let's Go Fly A Kite! Year 4 have designed, made and flew the very own kites. It was great to see some children adjusting the position of the string to make their kites go higher and fly better.

PE Hockey - after practising our hockey skills all term, we finally had a game. It was so much fun and great to see the Tigers using the skills within the rules of the game. Let's Bully up!

Play On Ukulele Performance - What a fantastic evening we had performing in front of a full house at Bedford's Corn Exchange. The children played their hearts out and rose to the challenge. It was such an inspirational time. Well done Tigers. Thanks to all the families for coming in such numbers, it made the performance so much more special.

Easter Egg Hunt - Thanks goes to the PTA for making this year's Easter egg hunt so fun. We had an awesome time playing all the activities, and of course eating our chocolate eggs!

Cojo - We worked in teams to recreate the journey Shackleton made across Elephant Island. The children then had to travel their course non-stop for 15 minutes, all while being bombarded by the weather and falling rocks (Mr Kerin throwing balls and bean bags!).

Science - making switches. Tigers made switches using split pins, bulldog clips and paper clips, and then investigated which ones worked the best.

Ukulele Dress Rehearsal - The Tigers got ready for next week by performing for the year 3 children and Miss Brown. It was great to hear them sound so good and concentrate so hard.

World Maths Day - Times Tables Treasure Hunt

You go GIRLS! Lola and Scarlett played the piano in front of the whole school. Well done!

Just an average day in maths, measuring parts of the body and then dividing them by 10 and 100. Decimals are so FUN!

Science - The Tigers have enjoyed learning about electricity. They really liked making circuits and trying to get the light to come on. Be careful of those pesky crocodile clips.

World Book Day 2022 - We had a great day dressing up as Mr Men and Little Miss characters. We read to each other and talked about our favourite books during assembly.

In geography the class have researched the weather in tropical countries. They then created a weather forecast for a specific place in the tropics. We learnt that it was very, hot, humid and wet so hard to advise on what to wear! It was great hearing them work together to bring the weather to life.

Tigers have been inspired by the British artist Julian Opie to create a self portrait. They used a light box to help trace the outline of their face, and then used felt tip pens to add colour in blocks. Can you guess who's who?

This Curriculum Map shows what we will be learning this year in our Foundation Subjects.  For more information on Maths and English, please see the 'Curriculum' page on the website.

Science: What a great investigation. We carried out an investigation to find out what temperature melts chocolate the quickest. Watching the teamwork was a highlight. Eating the leftover chocolate was another highlight!

Ukulele Sessions! We are all so excited and full of smiles when Mr Ward brings the Ukuleles in for us to practice.

Happy New Year! We are straight back into work and eager to learn new things. Tigers are using the CoJo box to help with their resilience, teamwork and wellbeing. Here they are setting out on an Antarctica Mission with Ernest Shackleton.

Science: the tigers have started an enquiry to see if liquids (like orange juice and coke) have an effect on tooth decay. Watch this space to find out what we discover.

In PE we have been practicing our Yoga positions. The children have been creating their own sequences and have been presenting them to the class.

Reading week: I couldn't stop the Tigers reading, in and out of school. It was great to see them so happy reading in extremely strange places.

Reading Week: Tigers have brought in their favourite books and explained why they recommend them to others.

Art and DT - Another week, another DT project. This time we created a lever that would move (a hand) back and forth. Of course, the tigers decided to replace the hand with their own ideas. So look out for a swaying Christmas tree, shaking heads and even a scary dinosaur!

Science : Tigers are learning about the Digestive System

Maths: Tigers are recapping Perimeter all this week. First step is measuring using string. Next step, using rulers to get a more accurate measurement. Great job Lilly, Charlie, Tom and Olivia.

Paying our Respects to the Fallen - Year 4 paid their respects to the fallen on Remembrance Day by creating this piece of art. We also recited part of the poem 'For the Fallen'. Thank you Joshua for the poem with your beautiful handwriting.

Art and DT: We have been using levers and linkages to create art (moving flags). And they work!!!!

Literacy: In class we have been creating Jungle Menus. Some of the class used their menus to role play being waiters and waitresses, and took their peers' orders. Anyone for Tiger pie with a spicy parrot dip?

Here come the Romans: Thank you Lola for your fantastic Romans presentation. It was full of interesting facts and was expertly presented. We are all so proud of your hard work and super computer skills. Go Lola!

During the last week of term, year 4 children took part in a inter school sports event at KCA. It was a morning of fitness, mental stimulation and lots of fun. All the children tried hard, worked as a team and supported one another. Indeed, teachers from other schools commented on our children's behaviour and compassion for others. It was great to see the excitement of the tigers on going on a bus and taking part in competitons with different school. I was very proud of them all.


Mr Kerin  

Year 4 Sports Event including Orienteering, Tag Rugby and Goal Ball

Tommy's Sinclair C5

On Friday 15th October, we were lucky to have a visit from Tommy's Sinclair C5!  Tommy and his dad lovingly restored the vehicle over lockdown, and wanted to show it off to Year 4.  We learned lots from Tommy's presentation and were fascinated by the demonstration of how it worked.

Meet the Teacher Presentation


Here is a copy of the presentation I did for the teacher meet and greet. I hope it all makes sense, but if not then please come and talk to me. New spellings are going out today, any problems again let me know. 

I have enquired about a residential trip for our year 4s which will be in Summer term. I will get all the information together (cost, dates, etc) and then send a letter out. It is a long way off but the sooner details and prices are known the better I think. 

I also wanted to say that every child has come back to school with a fantastic attitude and have made this first week brilliant to teach. I'm excited about the year ahead, and what good work we will do and fun we will have. 

Sports Day

We all had a fantastic time engaging in our Sports Day activities!

Many thanks to Asan Tu for the wonderful photography.

Ran out of reading books?

You can find a HUGE range of reading books for children aged 3-11 on this website - many the same as we use at school. These are staged to make it easier to choose the correct level, and all are free. All you have to do is set up a parent log in and browse away! 


Bedford libraries are also giving access to a range of online books and audios books through their website.  If you have a library card you are able to use this to access them or you can make an account online.  See - 

Accelerated Reader


Quizzing from home guidance for parents

We don’t usually encourage quizzing at home as it can affect test validity, which can result in inconsistent or unrepresentative reading ages. However, due to these exceptional circumstances, you may wish to consider allowing students to quiz at home for a limited period.


This link will take you to our AR portal (which is the same as we use at school):


Ensure that the books you read are:

  • AR quizzed – you can use the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder website to search for a book and see if a quiz is available.
  • Appropriate for the student’s level of ability – more information can be found here.