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Year 4 (Hornets)

November News

The Hornets have been busy learning more about the Romans and the Celts. It was interesting to find lots of facts about Hadrian’s wall and Boudicca’s rampaging rebellion! In science we have studied the human digestive system and looked at the different types of teeth in our mouths (who knew teeth had different roles to play in getting the food we eat ready to be digested!). The year 4 children have started working their way through the 12 times tables, so don’t get too worried if they wake up in the middle of the night shouting 6 X 8 is 48. Finally, in literacy we are close to finding out what The Demon Headmaster has been plotting. We have created diaries, playscripts and practiced our comprehension skills all under the gaze of his hypnotic eyes. Nearly forgot to mention that we have started a Nature Club, with everyone helping with ideas and signing up for groups to improve our nature garden, and get our animal friends through the tough winter months.

Ran out of reading books?

You can find a HUGE range of reading books for children aged 3-11 on this website - many the same as we use at school. These are staged to make it easier to choose the correct level, and all are free. All you have to do is set up a parent log in and browse away! 


Bedford libraries are also giving access to a range of online books and audios books through their website.  If you have a library card you are able to use this to access them or you can make an account online.  See - 

Accelerated Reader


Quizzing from home guidance for parents

We don’t usually encourage quizzing at home as it can affect test validity, which can result in inconsistent or unrepresentative reading ages. However, due to these exceptional circumstances, you may wish to consider allowing students to quiz at home for a limited period.


This link will take you to our AR portal (which is the same as we use at school):


Ensure that the books you read are:

  • AR quizzed – you can use the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder website to search for a book and see if a quiz is available.
  • Appropriate for the student’s level of ability – more information can be found here.