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Happy Half Term!


Can you believe we've done a whole half term of distance learning? I really hope you're all keeping safe and well. It's been lovely to hear from you all via emails and zoom. Please don't forget to email any learning photos or emails, I really do love to see what you've all been up to and I really enjoy just seeing your happy, smiling faces! smiley


Don't forget to keep up the Reading, Phonics, Mathletics and Numbots.


You're all lockdown superstars and I'll continue to look forward to when I can see you all next.

Miss you all so much Dragonflies.


Stay safe and keep smiling !


Mrs B smiley



Mental health awareness week 


As you may be aware with the media campaign this week is ‘Mental Health Awareness’ week. Please don’t forget to take some time to look after yourself and your children- go for a walk, do some yoga together, paint a silly picture, appreciate the spring flowers or lay on the floor and make pictures from the clouds. We’re well aware of how many pressures are on adults and children at this time. Take the afternoon off and enjoy each other’s company. They’re only little for such a small amount of time.

You’re all doing great, take that bath, have that cake and reward yourself for getting through the weeks. You’re amazing 😉 

Home Learning Week beginning 18.05.20


Hello Dragonflies,


Hope you're all keeping well. I think from a lot of messages I've had this week, we've got to that point where lockdown has lost it's novelty. Please remember these learning activities are ideas for learning and to go with the children. Some days they may want to do lots, other days may be days to go outside and explore and get some fresh air. The most important thing to us at this time is that the children(and parents) are happy. I've been trying to make the activities as fun based as I can but also if you've done anything at home that you think the others may like please feel free to share (I know I've already magpied a few ideas from you so thank you for those!). I’ve added last weeks photos on a new slideshow below . You’re so good at sending in pictures of learning I’m having to make new slideshows all the time! Keep it up, I really do love seeing the children’s learning. 


Stay safe and keep smiling


Mrs B :)

Book cover challenge- I LOVE these please keep them coming!

Home Learning Week Beginning 11.05.20


Hello Dragonflies!


I do hope you've all had a wonderful week and are continuing to stay safe and behaving for your grown ups! 


You have once again, blown me away with your pictures, learning and messages. Please keep up the great work and keep in touch. I honestly love to see what you have all been up to. Don't forget if you haven't got in touch yet , we'd love to see yours too! Send them over to


Here is the learning grid for this week. Please only do what you can. We want to continue to make learning fun and enjoyable (for both children and adults)4


Enjoy your week and please, please keep those photos and messages coming!


Mrs Barrett, Mrs Bruce and Miss Taylor :)

Happy 75th VE Day !

Happy 75th VE Day !  1
Happy 75th VE Day !  2

 I’ve been hearing that quite a few of you have been researching WW2 and VE Day this week. Amazing!! I’m honoured to be able to share some original photos with you from VE Day. How amazing are they! In the table picture Taylor’s great Grandmother is one of the children sitting at the table celebrating and the other picture is her mother so Taylor’s great great grandmother on the left hand side holding the baby.
Thank you so much for sharing these, they’re amazing! Please share if anyone else has any pictures they’ve found from their research this week! 

Stay safe Dragonflies, hopefully you’ll enjoy a scone or two! (Cream then jam!!! )  

Get Caught Reading! Year 2- find the most bizarre place you can to read your favourite book and get your grown up to photo it. Send it in and let’s see if we can all “get caught reading”. Credit to our fantastic Dragonfly parents for this idea!

Dragonflies, you’re marking me so proud having to add more photo blocks!

Home Learning Week beginning 04/05/2020


Another week gone. I can't believe how fast they seem to be flying by now. 

It's been lovely to see so much of your work from home this week and to hear from so many of you! 


This Friday is 75 years since VE day! It might be a good opportunity to talk to your children about World War 2 and about the big street parties the nation had on that VE day 75 years ago.


Enjoy your learning this week and please don't forget these lessons are ideas, I've tried my best but if you can make them more fun or more creative then please do!


Can't wait to see what you come up with Dragonflies. 

Don't forget above all else keep up your lovely reading and Mathletics if you can.


Miss you all and take care.


Mrs Barrett, Mrs Bruce and Miss Taylor



Hello Dragonflies!

Not my favourite thing to do but just a little check in to say hello- missing you all!

More fantastic pictures from this weeks learning. Please keep them coming! If I've said I'll add you and I've missed you please let me know.

Learning so far in pictures (Don't forget to keep sending in your pictures for us to share)

Ran out of reading books?


you can find a HUGE range of reading books - many the same as we use at school. These are staged to make it easier for the children and all free. All you have to do is set up a parent log in and browse away! 

Picture 1

The children recieved a message from The Hulk asking them to design and make a Superhero vehicle. After lots of cheering and excitement we set to work. They produced lots of amazing designs. Then with junk modelling, recycled materials and art resources we went about creating our vehicles. It was great to see everyone focused and enthusiastic. There was lots of patience, while waiting for cellotape and glue, but also lots of cooperation and kindness which was lovely to see. The final results were brilliant. We even had time to evaluate our work!

Year 2 kicked started the year off with Gymnastics in P.E! They worked on a range of ways to travel and jump across benches, mats and apparatus especially working on landing straight and pointing their toes. Good job Year 2!

Some of our work on 'The Iron Man'