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The RSC and Wilstead Primary

We at Wilstead have been in consultation with our Associate schools and the RSC over the last 12 to 18 months regarding the position that we find ourselves in, and where we think we are moving too in the future. It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to take a step back from the position of Lead Associate School. We have tried really hard to grow the cluster and encourage new schools to join us on the journey through Shakespeare's plays. However, it has become clear that, for whatever reason, the growth of the cluster and the development of the programme in disadvantaged areas was something we couldn't provide. The school feel that another school, with more links, will be able to grow and develop this love of Shakespeare better than we can. Of course, we believe in the programme and the link between the RSC and our school will continue (through a one to one basis). The children who have been part of our journey so far, are testament to how amazing Shakespeare can be in a primary setting. It has developed confidence, grown the children's vocabulary and inspired writing and reading. These are the areas we will continue to work on through our links with the RSC.  

The RSC Associate Schools programme is open to primary, secondary and special state-maintained schools in England. It is built around the principle of schools working in local partnerships to develop communities of practice. Each local partnership consists of a Lead Associate School, who in turn recruits up to ten Associate Schools. In some cases, these local partnerships include a regional theatre as well as the Royal Shakespeare Company. 


Lead Associate Schools often have prior experience of working with the RSC before taking on this role. They take on a leadership role because they have already seen and experienced the impact of Shakespeare's work and RSC approaches on students and teachers in their school. Our Associate Schools are able to confidently speak about the impact the work has had on students, teachers and the wider school community. 


Here at Wilstead, we are passionate about the power of using Shakespeare in the classroom and we   are immensely proud of our status as a Lead Associate School with the RSC.  We have developed our practice, both within our own school and through developing a cluster of local Associate Schools, providing support and inspiring teaching and learning through Shakespeare.  We feel that our use of Shakespeare in the classroom has been a key element of our children’s success in and enjoyment of their learning at our school, and look forward to continuing our journey with the RSC.