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The Remote Curriculum and Blended Learning

In this section of the website, you will find information relating to Wilstead's curriculum provision during any period of full or partial closure, in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Wilstead's offer is fully compliant with the guidance and expectations of the Department of Education and Bedford Borough, copies of which are available through the links below.


During a period of partial closure, some pupils may be attending the school physically. The school will be delivering the same curriculum to those pupils on site and those learning at home, and this will be as close as possible to the same curriculum that would have been taught whilst school is fully open.


Our intention is to provide Blended Learning for our pupils during periods of term time partial or full site closure. Blended Learning is a term which refers to the use of traditional 'face to face' teaching with the use of apps, websites and remote learning platforms. At Wilstead, we fully embrace modern approaches to the delivery of our teaching and strive to ensure that we offer our pupils up to date opportunities and resources wherever possible. We also acknowledge that not every pupil thrives on this style of approach, not every pupil has access to technology at home and not every parent is able to facilitate this form of learning. We therefore also support parents to access these resources or provide alternatives such as textbooks and other physical resources as and when appropriate and needed, priding ourselves on our individual approach.


We believe strongly that our pupils' well-being is paramount during times of anxiety and stress such as that suffered during a local or national closure of schools. We believe that the best place for our pupils to learn is in school, and will endeavour to do everything possible to remain open whilst safe to do so. However, if we are not able to physically be with our pupils, we will try to ensure that they have the opportunity to speak regularly to us, through video calling or telephone conversations, under the guidance of our Remote Learning, Safeguarding and related policies (please use links below).


We use the Google Classroom to set learning tasks and communicate between home and school. Each child has their own secure log in details, and we ask that parents take responsibility for ensuring they can access this. If you have any difficulties, please speak to your child's class teacher, who has log-in details and can support you. 


Providing Remote Education Information For Parents

This document is an Department of Education template used to support schools when publishing information about their remote education provision on their websites during the spring term


It answers a series of questions parents may have about the remote education provision of a school. the attached document is specific to Wilstead Primary School.

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We welcome and invite feedback from our pupils and parents on this new way of teaching and learning. Here you will also find links to parent and pupil surveys when available, the results of these, plus links to Ofsted's ParentView section.