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Reception (Bumblebees)

Welcome to Reception! We are the Bumblebee Class.  In Reception we have lots of fun and learn through discovery and play.  The Bumblebee team is made up of Mrs Cordell, Mrs Cropley, Mrs Hawthorne and Miss Bradshaw.   

Meet Reception

Keep in touch!
Thank you so much to everyone who has sent in photographs and videos of their children's lovely work each week since lock-down began.  We have really enjoyed seeing what you have been getting up to, but it is equally important that we know you are keeping safe and well.  Keep emailing us and I will add pictures to our class page.  I hope that everyone is keeping well.  We miss seeing you all each day.  Keep home and keep safe!  From the Reception Team
A message from those at school!

Hello everybody! Here at school we have been very busy, just like you at home! We are a few weeks in now and have settled into a new routine. This week we discussed our worries in circle time, lots of us are feeling sad and worried because we can't all be together right now. We are really missing our friends and our teachers and can't wait to see you all when we can be together again! Here are a few photos of some of the things we have been up to!

Keep safe and we will see you very soon!

Miss Taylor, Miss Bradshaw, Miss Hawthorne and some busy bumblebees! 

In School Learning!

Home Learning Activities

Below is a link for Cosmic Kids Yoga. We have been using this in school for a couple of weeks now and the children really enjoy it. There are loads of videos to choose from, so happy choosing!



If you can, send us some photos of your children completing the Yoga videos! We'd love to see what they are up to.


Kind regards,


The Reception Team 

Songs to sing at home

In Reception we love to sing songs and move. This helps us to learn lots of exciting things...

Reception have created some video clips that are of their favourite songs they love to sing! Some of the verses have been created by the children too. Feel free to join in at home!

From 1 to 10 and Back Again!

Still image for this video
Singing from 1 - 10 backwards and forwards, including counting odds and evens!

The 2-D Shape Song Part 1... Covering shapes from 3 to 6 sides.

Still image for this video
Part one covers vocabulary such as; triangle 3 straight-sides, quadrilateral 4 straight-sides, pentagon 5 straight-sides, hexagon 6 straight-sides and polygon (a 2-D shape with three or more straight sides.) Ask your children what these words mean.

The 3-D Shape Song Part 2 Covering shapes with 7 to 10 sides!

Still image for this video
Reception wanted to know the names of 7, 8, 9 and 10 sided shapes, so together we created the words for this song (part 2 version) and the movements! The vocabulary covered is Heptagon 7 sided-shape, Octagon 8 sided-shape, Nonagon 9 sided-shape and Decagon 10 sided-shape!

Count in Tens, 10 to 100

Still image for this video
Counting in tens from 10 to 100. (Sadly the start of the song was not recorded, so a full version is recorded below, but is just the CD.)

Count in Tens, 10 to 100 Full version.

Still image for this video
A fast paced song counting in 10s, from 10 to 100. This song does have two parts! (Here is the full version, but is just a recording from the CD.)

Wash your dirty hands!

Still image for this video
A song with actions about keeping your hands clean!

Ready, Steady, STOP!

Still image for this video
The children each bang two wooden spoons together and sing loudly, quietly, quickly and slowly...

Opening The Squeaky Door!

Still image for this video
A phase one phonic song with lots of actions!

Creating shape images

Making 5

Chinese New Year

The Bumblebees have been learning about Chinese New Year.  We discovered that this year is the year of the rat.  We created dancing dragons and learnt some songs.  We drew a picture of a Chinese dragon and wrote about them. We enjoyed playing with the noodles too!

Poppy numbers to 20

Remembrance Day Poppies

We painted these lovely pictures of poppies and wrote labels on them.  We are getting really good at writing.

Owl Babies

The Bumblebees have listened to the story Owl Babies and have joined in the repeated refrains.  We all collected leaves and twigs to create our own owl babies' homes and images.

We can write our names!